Meditation 1 by Edward Taylor

What Love is this of thine, that Cannot bee
In thine Infinity, O Lord, Confinde,
Unless it in thy very Person see,
Infinity, and Finity Conjoyn’d?
What hath thy Godhead, as not satisfide
Marri’de our Manhood, making it its Bride?

Oh, Matchless Love! filling Heaven to the brim!
O’re running it: all running o’re beside
This World! Nay Overflowing Hell; wherein
For thine Elect, there rose a mighty Tide!
That there our Veans might through thy Person bleed,
To quench those flames, that else would on us feed.

Oh! that thy Love might overflow my Heart!
To fire the same with Love: for Love I would.
But oh! my streight’ned Breast! my Lifeless Sparke!
My Fireless Flame! What Chilly Love, and Cold?
In measure small! In Manner Chilly! See.
Lord blow the Coal: Thy Love Enflame in mee.

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Questions from amai-haru I answered:

1. Who is your favorite group(s) and OTP?
Beast is my ult. group. I don’t have an otp 

2. Who is your bias?
TAO is my ult. bias

3. If you ever met your bias, what would you tell them?
If When I meet taozi, I would tell him that I admire him the most of any performer. I’m looking forward to his future activities, especially his nunchuck skillz. And that he has great taste (leopard print rawr) And I would want to give him a drawing for sure…

4. Who is your role model and why?
Jesus Christ because He’s perfect.

5. Favorite song?
 At the moment, ヤーヤーヤー by Orange Range !!!

6. Other than being on Tumblr, what else do you do in your free time?
work on whatever my current art projects are. And cleaning; I love cleaning and organizing…

7. Ever eaten Korean food? If so, what was your favorite dish?
I ate Korean BBQ in LA! I couldn’t stop eating it tbh

8. What is your favorite Kdrama?
I’ve only watched White Christmas and SUFBB

9. List your top five Kpop bands.
Beast, EXO, Big Bang, Double A, Sunnyhill …i guess lol

10. If you can be one day with one of your favorite groups, who would it be?
Beast ~~~

11. What is your current goal? 
T.O.P cosplay 

1.What does your family think of Kpop?

2.What topping(s) do you like on pizza best?

3.Did you rollerblade when you were a younger?

4.Do you like green beans?

5.Do you own any Apple products?

6.Do you watch sports?

7.Do you like lace?

8.What was the last Kpop MV you watched?

9.Do you enjoy creating outfits?

10.How do you feel about indoor pet dogs/cats?

11.Do you eat fast-food regularly?

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